Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Undivided Heart & A Place to Belong by Nancy Moser & Vonette Bright

These are books 3 & 4 in the Sister Circle Series by Moser and Bright. Another wonderful series based on women and their friendships… and another series best read in order (as most are). Evelyn Peerbaugh continues to run Peerbaugh Place, a boarding house for single women. In An Undivided Heart, Evelyn finds herself with all new tenants and it comes as no surprise that she has gotten more than she bargained for. One tenant’s name is vanity (ok… not really, but it should be) and another is engaged to a demanding man who uses her like a doormat and she lets him. Fortunately Mae, Piper, Audra and Tessa are still around to encourage and help. Their sister circle continues to go and to grow as Evelyn embraces the new sisters God has placed in her life.

In A Place to Belong, Peerbaugh Place is once again empty and Evelyn is worried about her financial well being. On top of money worries, Evelyn also has love trouble… her heart is drawn to a certain someone who doesn’t seem to share her feelings. Despite her need for income, Evelyn finds herself opening Peerbaugh Place to new sisters who have no means to pay rent and as she steps out in faith, she finds that God has new plans for her home and her heart.

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