Sunday, November 16, 2008

8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber

You will find a many reviews here on my blog for Macomber’s books. I really enjoy her writing, She is a secular writer, but her books tend to be clean and I have noticed more and more references to faith in her books. The first Macomber novel I read was 16 Lighthouse Road, which is book 1 of the Cedar Cove series. I love this series and will be saddened when and if it ends. 8 Sandpiper Way is the latest Cedar Cove installment, although there is a Christmas tale available now also and the promise of book 9 in the fall (too long a wait!)

8 Sandpiper Way picks up where the last Cedar Cove novel left off (which means you need to read them in order). I was reunited with old friends like Olivia and Jack, Grace and Cliff, Terri and Bobby, and more. Life is moving on at a rapid pace in Cedar Cove… babies are on the way… love is in the air… illness threatens the happiness of one family… secrecy another… and while many things are resolved, there are plenty of loose ends left hanging to whet the reader’s appetite for book 9. Did I mention we have to wait until September 2009 for that one! So not fair!
I cannot recommend Macomber’s books enough and Cedar Cove is a great place to start. You will fall in love with the people there and will find bits of yourself in many of them

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