Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be My Valentine - Debbie Macomber

Yes, another book by Macomber! This is actually a 2 in 1 deal... 2 stories in one book. Light and easy and fun to read!

Be My Valentine includes the stories My Funny Valentine and My Hero. Both are delightful reads.

In My Funny Valentine, single mom Dianne Williams has promised her matchmaking children that she will find a date for the upcoming Valentine dinner at the community center. Now where to find him? Providence drops a handsome stranger into her path and Dianne finds herself making a business proposition. One night... one date... for cold hard cash. No strings attached. What she didn't expect was her family's desire to meet him ahead of time and get to know him... nor did she expect her own heart strings to be tugged.

My Hero has a unique twist. Bailey York is doing her best to complete her first romance novel, but she has a problem. Her main lead is flat and unrealistic. She needs a model.. someone to watch as she learns what truly makes a hero. Enter Parker Davidson... a successful architect who finds himself taking public transportation one day while his car is in the shop.

Does Bailey do the normal thing and approach Davidson with her dilemma? No ... she follows him... and she gets caught! Finally having to fess up before being arrested for stalking, Parker finds her situation intriguing and offers to help. But his motives are not as altruistic as Bailey thinks. She is looking for a hero for her book... Parker wants to be the hero in her life.

Cute romances.. fun read!

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