Monday, November 26, 2007

No Place Like Home - Debra Clopton

I love Debra Clopton! She is a Love Inspired author and her novels are too fun! And yet they have a message... some meat to them too. They are not all fluff and puff. As with the previous 2 books I have read by her (The Trouble With Lacy Brown / And Baby Makes Five), No Place Like Home is set in Mule Hollow, Texas... a town full of cowboys and very few women! But that is changing.

Dottie is on a mission. She is headed cross country from Florida to California to work with women in need... and then she runs into Cassie and finds herself taking a 100 mile detour to Mule Hollow, Texas. How did that happen???
Once there, it appears God has other plans for her life. Plans she wasn't expecting! Plans that include Sheriff Brady Cannon. But Brady wants none of it. He knows what he is feeling... He even sees God at work, but he has his own agenda and this isn't part of it!
So what is a candy-maker on a mission to do? Pray! and leave it all in God's more than capable hands.
Quick read... a bit silly and full of fun... great for a day when you just need to chill out and escape a bit!

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Cecelia Dowdy said...

This sounds like a good, fun read. I have a few Debbie Clopton books on my TBR pile. You've convinced me to dig them out! :-)