Friday, May 10, 2013

Without a Trace by Colleen Coble

This is Book 1 of the Rock Harbor Series

I am on a Coble kick... reading through this series and her Mercy Falls books.  I really am enjoying her writing.

These books are contemporary fiction set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. And what a plot!  Bree Nicholls is a search and rescue specialist who finds lost individuals with her dog, Samson.  In her spare time... every moment of her spare time... it becomes personal. Bree's husband and son have been missing for a year from a flight home.  Bree is certain they went down somewhere near home, but nothing has been found.. no bodies.. no plane parts.. nothing.. it is as if they disappeared into thin air.

So when a current search and rescue brings up clues that seem to connect back to her family, Bree begins to dig deeper without realizing the danger she is in.  Can she find her family and peace and closure along with it?  Can she move on with life in order to open her heart up for love again? Or is she destined to live in a constant state of searching?

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