Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fools Rush in by Janice Thompson

This is book one of Thompson's Weddings by Bella series... and I will most definitely be looking for the others in this series!

This, like so many books I am reading these days, was offered as a freebie on Kindle recently.  What a great way to find new authors and series!

Bella Rossi is an all-American-Italian girl living in Galveston, TX. Not where you expected right? Her parents have retired and given her full reign of the family Wedding business and Bella is all in.. over her head she fears!  She has advertised "theme" weddings and her first one is booked.. a Boot-Scootin' Western style bash. What on earth does a girl raised on Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra know about Country Western music, much less boots and cowboy hats?  In walks DJ....born and bred Texan... a cowboy in the flesh and the answer to Bella's problems... and maybe, just maybe, the man of her dreams.

It is a blast "watching" as these two get to know each other and their families collide in a cultural tsunami.  You will find mob owned parrots who curse a blue streak (don't worry, no words shared in the book)... Charismatic sisters who dance to the Lord whenever the chance arises... Rosa's heavenly garlic bread and Bubba's to-die-for BBQ... a hound dog and a yorki-poo.. and so much more!

A delightful read!  Great start to 2012 for this reader.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh well...

So I only got 6 of the 22+ Christmas books read!  Life has been a blur for the past 6 weeks. My 80 year old mother took a fall after a 3 week bout with pneumonia. You would think I would have lots of time to read while staying with her. Not so... when I do have "free" time, I find myself too tired to focus.  So very little reading happened during the holidays and now I am just ready for Christmas to move on... so no more Christmas books for the moment. I may pull some out during the year just to make a dent in the stack!  In the meantime, they are now stored nice and neat in their own little box in my under-the-bed library. (Anyone else have one of those! LOL!)

I have pulled a few books out of the library that I hope to read this month, as well as picked a couple on my Kindle.  Some fiction and non-fiction.

On the Fiction front I am planning to read Debbie Macomber's 1105 Yakima Street (I am a couple of books behind in her Cedar Cove series), Cathy Marie Hake's Fancy Pants, and before I go to sleep tonight I will start something new on my Kindle (I will post what later!).

Non-Fiction ... I am reading Robert J. Morgan's 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart (Kindle edition) and I have Mighty Prevailing Prayer by Wesley L. Duewel waiting in my book basket.

5 books on the to-read list for January.  Doable.. if life cooperates!