Saturday, September 1, 2012

Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina by Tamela Hancock Murray

Take a step back into the Roaring 20s complete with flappers donning bobbed hair and painted faces.  Hestia Myatt is determined to resist the temptation to become a "modern" woman. Needing to get away after a heart-break, Hestia goes to Maiden to spend time with her grandmother as the elderly woman recoups from a fall. Maiden has always been a special place for Hestia and she knows she will find solitude there as she contemplates her future and the choices that lie before her.

While there, Hestia reconnects with childhood friends including Booth Barrington, who has gone from being a bratty pest to a handsome gentleman who watches out for her grandmother, and her glamorous city cousin, Selene, who arrives in Maiden shortly after Hestia. Selene has embraced the "modern" lifestyle to its fullest and now must deal with a consequence of her poor choices.

Will Hestia's modesty and faith draw Selene or will Selene's tales of parties and speakeasies tempt Hestia to make a radical change in her life?

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