Saturday, July 21, 2012

Psalms 23 Mysteries Book 1 - 3

I am a huge fan of mysteries and while I read serious one for years, I find myself drawn towards cozy ones more these days. I am just not a fan of the intensity and realism of some of the secular mysteries these days.

I discovered this series when book 1 (and then 2 and then 3) were offered as Kindle freebies. I cannot express how much I loved reading them!  I know their is a fourth one and hope there will be others. This is a cross between a cozy mystery and a more serious one.  You have the community of characters and sense of fun, a cozy mystery brings.. but the mystery is more real and complex. There were definitely intense moments, but not overwhelmingly intense.  Very difficult to explain, but if you are a mystery buff I feel certain you will like these books.

Each book involved Cindy, a church secretary, with a strong faith and a fairly normal, even dull, life. and Jeremiah, the rabbi at a neighboring synagogue, who has secrets buried deep so no one can discern them... he hopes.  They meet over a dead body and as their friendship and attraction grows, they seem to find themselves caught up in mystery after mystery.

The author includes elements of each faith and allows the characters to work through the differences as their friendship grows.

Book 1 -- The Lord is my Shepherd -- Cindy and Jeremiah meet and find themselves caught up in a serial killers scheme.  The case is solved and they reluctantly part ways only to find themselves in the midst of yet another mystery.. and as they continue to be tossed together, they learn that despite their many differences, they have a great deal of common ground.

Book 2 -- I Shall Not Want -- Thanksgiving is around the corner and hearts are softening and turning to helping those less fortunate. Joseph, a member of Cindy's church, has started an organization that provides homeless people with a rescued dog who has been trained to be their companion. The goal is to give the folks someone to love and care for.. a sense of purpose.. and in return they enjoy the love of their pooch. Joseph has even worked out medical care and food for the dogs, so as not to add a financial burden for the new owners. But then everything goes wrong.. one by one the folks who received dogs are dying and no one knows why. Once again, Cindy and Jeremiah find themselves flung into the center of a mystery with little time to act before the killer strikes again. 

Book 3 -- Lie Down in Green Pastures -- This was the most intense, to me, of the 3 books.  Cindy recruits Jeremiah as a last minute chaperon substitute for a local kids camp.  Kids from bother her church and his synagogue are headed there to enjoy the outdoors and strengthen their faiths.  Jeremiah is hesitant to go and yet feels compelled. The sense of danger is strong as they arrive and quickly things begin to happen... trouble from without and within... mixed with a dangerous storm bringing flooding and a washed out bridge. Jeremiah is thrown back into a life of survival he thought he had left behind... doing all he can to save the kids in his care. While Cindy, in town away from the flood and danger, works to solve determine who is behind the troubles and what else does he have planned. Very fast paced! Great book!

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