Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love Finds You in Carmel by-the-Sea, California by Sandra D. Bricker

As I have stated before, I really love the Love Finds You Books...I recently discovered Sandra D. Bricker, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  So when I saw a Love Finds You book by her, I knew it would be great!  And it was.

Annie Gray's life has changed and she is embracing it. Determined to bring some excitement into the mundane, Annie moves in with her grandmother, a retired film star, in her bungalow in Carmel and then goes to work as a Private Investigator's Assistant. With the change comes a revelation concerning an long-time guy friend and 2 new men in her life. Will Annie find her own leading man in Carmel or is she destined to be a lone starlet?

Bricker's characters are fun and full of life... her writing style flows and packs a punch of clever wit.  A delight to read.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman

Book 1 - Winds of Change series

One thing I love about having a Kindle (other than the ability to increase font size!) is the availability of free books. I have gotten some great reads for free through Amazon.  A Hope Undaunted is one of those.  And as a result I will be looking for the others in this series to read.

Katie O'Connor is a progressive woman of the 1920s and her life plan is right on track. She is dating a great looking guy who comes from a fine, wealthy family and is headed to law school just as she is.  They both share a desire to defend and further women's rights in the United States.  With his family's political and social connections, Katie is sure to go far.  

Things turn upside down when Katie finds herself on restriction for the summer... unable to see Jack... working as a volunteer... and worst of all stuck with Cluny Magee.  Cluny was the bane of her childhood existence... a chapter she thought had closed for good... so why on earth is he back now!?  

Katie has plans and she is determined that no one is going to get in her way... but she learns the truth of Proverbs 16:9 In her heart a woman plans her course, but the LORD determines her steps.

God has plans for Katie... can she accept them even if they don't line up with her life plan? Can she accept that God's plan is better no matter how it looks?

Loved this one... looking forward to the remainder of the series.