Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Delta Belles by Penelope Stokes

Years ago I read a book or two by Stokes... The Blue Bottle Club... The Amethyst Heart... are 2 I remember. I also remember at the time that I felt certain she and I would not see eye to eye on some doctrinal issues, but I was never offended or bothered by those differences.

As I was wandering through our local library recently I saw she had a number of works out I had not read... I also noticed she had a sticker on her books that indicated she was a Mississippi writer (I live in Mississippi).  I read the summary of Delta Belles and immediately knew I would like the story. 4 friend who all went to Mississippi College for Women (know as the W in Mississippi) who are now all grown and coming back together for a reunion. And I did enjoy the stories... the characters reminded me of people I knew.. much of the topics of conversation were familiar to me as they centered around places and events I know or at least know of. 

But I never finished the book.  I rarely.. RARELY.. don't finish a book. I will push through the worst written drivel due to some self-possessed obsession with finishing any book I start. That said.. I often never start a book if I feel I won't enjoy it... if I don't start it, I don't have to finish it. So was Delta Belles that poorly written? No.. in fact the writing is wonderful.. the characters full and real.. the story lines completely believable and uncontrived.. but there came an issue.. at first I felt I could over look it.. but as the book progressed it went from being a side line to a strong point. That issue is homosexuality.

I will not toss aside a book just because there is a homosexual character or characters... most of us know people who are gay... consider them friends... care about them. But  not all of us consider the choices they make to be sin. I do.  I believe with every ounce of my being that the Bible is clear on this and so, for me, reading a book that goes beyond just condoning it, but actually spends a great its time promoting it, was not a good use of my time nor something I felt best to place in my mind. 

I debated not writing a review at all.  I don't think I have ever written a negative review.  But then I thought maybe someone would like to know ahead of time about this book. I guess is could actually draw someone to it.  But it may also prevent someone from starting a good story only to feel the need to walk away from it as I did.

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