Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harry Bentley's Second Chance by Dave Jackson

I love the Yada Yada Prayer Group books and I enjoyed the first book in Neta Jackson spin off series based on the Yadas (Yada Yada House of Hope series), but I was skeptical about Dave's book... a Yada Yada Brothers Novel. My skepticism was misplaced! It was very eye-opening to delve into the male mindset. To see the Yada Brothers up close and to get to know Harry Bentley better. I first met Harry in Neta's Where Do I Go? novel (which I reviewed earlier this year).

The neat thing is Second Chance runs parallel with Where Do I Go? And while the story lines overlap, the 2 books are not repeats of each other. Each one looks into the life on a specific character during the same period of time. And each is very well done!

Harry blew it as a dad... but now he has a second chance to make a difference in his grandson's live. A grandson he didn't even know he had. A grandson who is already half grown with more street smarts and attitude than Harry wants to deal with. But there is a nagging... a drawing to the child. There are hurdles to jump over and mountains to climb, but Harry is determined to take full advantage of the blessings God has placed in his life.

An Unexpected Match by Dana Corbit

A fun Love Inspired Romance about 2 mismatched childhood friends, their mothers misplaced matching making and second chances. Matthew Warren has become a single father and cannot seem to find a nanny to quit his child. Haley Scott came home to be married only to have her fiance' leave her at the altar. What is she to do now. The Warrens and Scotts have been friends all their lives and their mothers have it all planned out. The 3 Scott girls will marry the 3 Scott boys. They even have them paired up. So when Haley steps in the help Matthew out and the attractions start to pop, the mom's are less than please. Matthew goes with Caroline, not Haley! The moms, as well as Matthew and Haley, quickly learn that God has a plan and His plan is always better!

When I Lay My Isaac Down by Carol Kent

Carol Kent allows us to enter her private world which has been turned upside down and inside out. Her one and only son, a 25 year old Lieutenant in the Navy, graduate of the Naval Academy, devout Christian, husband and father, kills a man... his wife's ex-husband. This is not a self-defense situation, not a heat of the moment, not a protecting my family thing... it is willful, premeditated murder. Carol and her husband are overwhelmed with grief for their son and what could have been... for his young family... for the family of the victim... and for themselves and all they have lost. But through it all they cling to God. Are they angry with Him? Yes. Disappointed? Yes. But they live out Job's cry "Though thou slay me, I will yet praise You." And while this story is tragic, God is at work. He does not abandon this family. And we, the readers, have a lot to learn from the Kents. We all have Isaacs in our lives. Theirs was their child. Yours might be a career, a home, a hurt, a dream or many other possibilities. We have to learn to do like Abraham and fully surrender EVERYTHING to the Lord, even our Isaacs. Abraham withheld NOTHING from the Lord, not even his son.

Kent's story will tear at your heart and, if you are a parent, you will feel the need to pray more and in a different way for your kids. It will also encourage and inspire and challenge you to let go of that to which you are clinging... that which you won't fully and completely give to God.