Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Unexpected Match by Dana Corbit

A fun Love Inspired Romance about 2 mismatched childhood friends, their mothers misplaced matching making and second chances. Matthew Warren has become a single father and cannot seem to find a nanny to quit his child. Haley Scott came home to be married only to have her fiance' leave her at the altar. What is she to do now. The Warrens and Scotts have been friends all their lives and their mothers have it all planned out. The 3 Scott girls will marry the 3 Scott boys. They even have them paired up. So when Haley steps in the help Matthew out and the attractions start to pop, the mom's are less than please. Matthew goes with Caroline, not Haley! The moms, as well as Matthew and Haley, quickly learn that God has a plan and His plan is always better!

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