Saturday, December 26, 2009

Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiller

Typically I read Christmas themed novels from Thanksgiving to January 1. I have only been able to read 1 this year! Forever Christmas is a charming fun novel set in Jingle Bells, Arkansas... a community I had no trouble imagining! In fact, I would love to visit there one day.

Jingle Bells saved a young Kristianna Harrington and now she is determined to save Jingle Bells. Summer Valley Corp. wants to move in, providing much needed jobs and revenue for this dying town, but part of the bargain is a name change. As it is all the business have a Christmas Theme.. Candy Cane striped bowling pens at the bowling Alley, businesses with names like Blizzard Barbecue, Reindeer Games and Toy Story, and Snow Place Like Home Pet Boarding. Even Kristianna owns a Christmas themed business, a shop she inherited from her grandmother called Forever Christmas.

It seems preposterous that the name change would fly.... but then the town starts to split as some see the increase of income and others hold on to the traditions of the past. The addition of Jingle Bells newest residence, Shawn Webber, attorney for Summer Valley doesn't help.

Kristianna's emotions are on a roller coaster and she feels she is fighting an uphill battle as more and more lean towards the change. When she is betrayed by one of her nearest and dearest, she isn't sure she can continue the fight. Change is not something she likes and it appears everything she holds dear and true is changing right before her eyes.

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