Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Heart Remembers by Kim Vogel Sawyer

I discovered Sawyer a year or so ago when my neighbor loaned me a book of hers. Some of the first Christian fiction I ever read was by Janette Oke and I quickly fell in love with Historic Fiction. Sawyer reminds me a bit of Oke and others who tend to write about the past.

My Heart Remembers centers around three children, Maelle, Matthew and Molly Gallagher... three orphans who are placed on an orphan train and sent out West. Although they plan to stay together, the powers that be have other plans. A wealthy couple has specifically asked for a baby girl with red hair and green eyes and Molly fits the bill. Soon after she is taken Maelle and Matthew find homes of their own and so the 3 siblings are separated. As she says Good-bye, Maelle slips each one a remembrance of home. To Molly, the family Bible; to Mattie, a photograph of them with their parents and for herself, the letters her mother wrote to her Da in their younger days. Maelle vows she will find her two younger siblings.

The years pass by and all three grow up never knowing where the others are or if they are even alive. In fact, Molly never knows the others exist until she is a grown woman. It is interesting to see the different paths each has walked and where those paths have taken them.

As is no surprise to the reader, they all end up in the same settlement in Missouri... each for very different reasons. They go about their separate lives, dealing with their own demons and heartaches. They even meet, but each has different names now and no reason to think they are related. But soon Maelle see one of the ties from home she gave her siblings and it as if a veil is lifted and their eyes are open to the truth.

This is a happy ever after kind of book. A fast moving, easy to read one also. But none the less a very fun, uplifting, entertaining read.

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