Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meet Me at the Well by Virelle Kidder

The subtitle of this book is "Take a Month and Water Your Soul" and that is just what you do. For 31 chapters you listen as Kidder pours out her heart.... sharing the journey God has taken her on with all its bumps and bruises... and along the way she shows where God was walking with her step by step. She includes scripture for meditation and some wonderful thought provoking questions and ideas for journaling each day. Each days reading can be done in 10 or so minutes if your life is overly full right now. And if you have more time, you can do further meditation and dig into the Word for a deeper time with God.

Meet Me at the Well is a wonderful way to breathe fresh air back into your quiet time and your life! And once read, I believe it is a book you will pick up from time to time for a word of encouragement and hope.


Carmen7351 said...

This sounds like a wonderful devotional. Deep, intense. Sounds great!

Symon Burton said...

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