Friday, September 28, 2007

Summer Breeze by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman

This is book 2 in the Four Seasons series by these 2 authors. It is a great series based on Chapman's non-fiction work, The Four Seasons of Marriage. Basically he and Palmer have taken the principles set out in his book and are working them out through their fiction. I would love to see more books done this way. It is great! Karen Kingsbury's Redemption series, also written with Chapman, is like this. I also saw parts of Chapman's The Five Love Languages in Summer Breeze.

In Summer Breeze the reader returns to Deepwater Cove, Missouri in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Cody is still there learning social skills and speaking his mind. Patsy Pringle and Pete Roberts are still wavering between dislike and like. Esther and Charles are keeping an eye on everyone. And all the rest of the gang!

This book focuses mostly on Kim and Derek Finley. The relaxing summer takes a turn when Kim's son Luke is diagnosed with diabetes, his twin Lydia decides it's time to push the envelope on parental control, and Kim's controlling and overbearing mother-in-law moves in indefinitely. Kim is beyond frazzled and Derek just puts up a wall and ignores all the chaos around him.

There a issues to be discussed and dealt with before it is too late. Issues of trust, faith, unity to name a few.

This is a wonderful book! You definitely need to read book 1 first -- It Happens Every Spring.


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Cecelia Dowdy said...

This book sounds interesting. I've never heard of taking the principles outlined in a non-fiction book and setting them to fiction. I guess I've learned something new in the fiction realm.