Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where Do I Go by Neta Jackson

Where Do I Go is Book 1 of Jackson's new Yada Yada House of Hope Series. I absolutely adored the Yada Yada Prayer Group series and am so happy Jackson decided to write a "spin-off". While the main focus is on a new character who is not part of the prayer group, the story is connected to the Yadas and many of the characters from that series show up in this one. For me, it was a bit like going back to visit some old friends and making new ones also. Gabby Fairbanks has moved to Chicago... away from her children... away from her career... and thrown into a new world and a lifestyle she has no desire to embrace. Determined to make the best of it, Gabby sets out to explore her new home and discovers Lucy, an ill homeless lady. In a gesture of good will she puts Lucy in a cab and sends her to the nearest shelter, Manna House. Her husband, Philip, hopes that is the end of it... but it isn't. Gabby cannot get her thoughts off Lucy and ends up going to the shelter to check on her. She comes home with more than she bargained for... a job opportunity and a tiny spark in her dead faith. As Gabby flourishes, her marriage doesn't... and as her faith grows, her life falls apart.

Warning.. this book has a cliff hanger ending and leaves many questions unanswered. I have no idea how many books are planned for this series, but I do know number 2 is out! And Neta Jackson's husband has written a series that parallels this one... the Yada Yada Brotherhood. I have the first in that series in my to read stack.. Harry Bentley's Second Chance.

This is an excellent read! If you love the Yada Yada series, you must read this one! And if you have not read the Yada series, I encourage you to do so a.s.a.p. They are one of the best series I have read! Not just entertaining, but Faith building!

The Best Question Ever by Andy Stanley

One of the wonderful Titus 2 women God has placed in my life is also my Bible study leader. She devours books like this and is always saying '"You need to read....." The Best Question Ever is one of her "need to read" books. So I read it!

Now I know the obvious question is... what IS the best question ever? But, of course, I cannot tell you that! I will tell you that Stanley has a unique perspective, based solidly on Scripture, for making decisions. He has practiced this for 20+ years and has shared it with many people. This question will bring clarity to decisions involving money, relationships, time, career .... ever aspect of your life large and small.

The Maverick Preacher by Victoria Bylin

This is the first Love Inspired Historical book I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Bylin is also a new author to me. Adie has a lovely home at Swan's Nest with her infant son and the ladies she has taken in. They are a mismatched bunch that create a loving family. Then one night Joshua Blue shows up on Adie's doorstep sick and exhausted and in search of his long lost sister. Despite her "rent to no men" rule, Adie takes Josh in for just the night... that is until one of the ladies sees him and, thinking he is out to harm them, shoots him. As Josh recoups at Swan's Nest, he learns first hand of the threats and violence against them. He determines to stay put and protect Adie and her charges. But how can he continue to look for Emily is he stays and what will become of Adie and her son if he leaves?